Casual Mode for the Casual Players

Originally, this game was intended for players who have a lot of time to learn the game, especially the pattern when you battle with each character, so players will come back from their losses stronger each time. But, after quite a lot of players I've seen on YouTube play this in their spare time or after a long day of work (I assume), I figured I might need to tweak the game a bit. So, I made a casual mode that you can choose before you start the story of any characters!

The casual mode is intended for players who want to have a relaxing time playing this game or want to read the story without too much of a hassle learning the game. The learning curve of the casual mode should help the players understand the game's pattern much more easily now, with the same "maximum number of stones you can take" across every game while still varying on "the number of the pots". The casual mode should also unlock the extra, just like the default mode, so you can still replay the scenes unlocked in the casual mode. Now, if you want to enjoy the stories, you can do so through casual mode.

So, I hope you'll return to this game to enjoy the contents (if you haven't already).

See you in the Netherworld, wanderers~

Version 5.5
- Added Casual Mode
- Fixed the cursor when hovering "New Game" and "Continue"
- Fixed other minor bugs

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Once again, thank you, and stay tuned!


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Aug 13, 2022
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Aug 15, 2022

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