Stuff I'd Like to Talk About Lastone: Behind the Choice

Good day, everyone!

What a nice day to sit around and talk about our story, isn't it? Come join us around the campfire.

Thank you to everyone who has got this game and especially to you, who have played it as well. I've seen several people play the game and give their honest opinions about the game. I'm very happy to hear because fortunately, all of them are nice comments and great suggestions. Do know that I try to listen to everything and have planned something for future updates based on your reviews.

Now, I've seen and heard the struggles when playing the puzzle part. It is one of my concerns as a developer to see someone not enjoying the game we've developed. But, the satisfaction it brought for the players when they finally solved the puzzle and read the story of their character, reminded me of the purpose of this game. We deliver the story and the puzzle as a whole package. Without the puzzle, it will just be a linear visual novel reminding you how changes might happen instantly. And, without the stories, it will be no different than the first version of this game, which maybe some of you remember as Cengkeh Batu. Together, they create a new experience which is this game, where you rack your brains on the puzzle section and be rewarded with stories to read and to feel. So, thank you to you who have been a part of this new experience, I'm glad you're here.

In regards to the comments and suggestions I saw, we've planned an update that will greatly help you, the players, in better experiencing our game.

- Options menu for settings and to go back to the title screen

Yes, we've planned this, and now prioritize it as it bothered a lot of people. We customized the engine so it deviates quite a lot from the default and it covered up the options button not showing up.

- Playing against characters you've defeated

An option for someone that wants to play more with characters the players have won against. It won't count as story progression, but it could be a great little step back before facing Lucifer again.

- Turn changes notification

In this version, you will only notice it's your turn by looking at the top left of the screen. We want to add to this so the turn change will be more clear.

- Save feature

We made this game as a one-sit game for each story. But, we've realized that it might not be the case for everyone. So, we've decided to put in a save and checkpoint feature.

The implementation of these features will take some time, but I assure you that we will deliver them as soon as possible. Please stay tuned for more updates from us!

These features will also be implemented in the demo version as well.

If you'd like to report a bug, have anything to share, or just want to chat with the devs, please join our Dragon Emperors Discord Server, we'll be waiting for you!

Once again, thank you, and stay tuned!


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