The Evil Being Destroyed Your Kingdom! What Do You Do?

Good day, everyone! The game is now (kind of) finished for the IGMC: Rebirth!

You can download it from my recommended place, down below, or from the game's page. Launch the file (which will unpack a folder) and play the game from there! If you got any issues or bugs, feel free to comment down below, on the game's page, or on the IGMC submission page~

If you enjoy the game, please leave a comment about what you liked (and disliked), I'd appreciate it because it will surely help me in improving myself for the future. Also, the rating period will start on August 5th, so don't forget to rate the game when the time comes!

Enjoy the game and also good luck to all participants!


Song of the Bereaved IGMC Version 80 MB
Aug 04, 2022

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