What's behind the names Pt.1

Good day, everyone!

Another devlog from me. I'll be talking about names right now.

For a game with a deep story like this, deciding names has not been easy for me. So, I'm writing this to lay down my line of thoughts for future reference for me and maybe for someone else that needs it.

First off, we got the MC. The MC is one of the royalties, although not of the main lineage, of a certain kingdom that got destroyed in the incident. The MC, as the only hope of the survivors, got chosen as the bearer of the same power as the culprit of the first incident. Fortunately for the MC and the survivors, the MC actually resonates better with the power than the first host, leading to better power control.

With this in mind, I searched for a name that has the meaning of "resonates and song". That's where I found Cadence, which means "In rhythm". But, I also want the MC to have ambiguous gender, so I modified "Cadence" to "Cadena" and changed the C to K so it fits more in the world they live in.

The MC's name is now Kadena.

I'll be sure to write for the other NPCs, it's been fun to share what's on my mind. Please, stay tuned!

Thank you for reading, and don't forget to check out the game!

See you on the next blog!


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Kadena sounds like a girl's name due to "a" at the end. You can keep at as a "true" name but let characters refer to them as as "Kade". 

Or give them different allies for safety.

Oh, interesting point of view! Thanks!
Also, what do you mean by "give them different allies"?

Instead of "Kade" maybe MC's allies could been ""Jade", or "Mist", or "The Mask". Something that gives them anonymity in their world for their own safety, and as a narrative tool for players to speculate about MC's true name.

Regardless if MC's true name "Kadena" or whatever. Has anything to do with the plot, as long as you don't give players false hopes they will be already intrested in MC.

I see! Thank you for the suggestions!