What's behind the names Pt.2

Good day, everyone!

Continuing the last devlog, I'll be talking about names right now.

For a game with a deep story like this, deciding names has not been easy for me. So, I'm writing this to lay down my line of thoughts for future reference for me and maybe for someone else that needs it.

Before, I talked about the MC named Kadena, next I'll be talking about people around them.

Next up, I got the teacher. He's Kadena's martial art instructor. He was also a veteran and was regarded as a hero. Unfortunately, he got hurt so bad when he was blindly attacking the Z-being, resulting in it taking one of his arms and his friends from him. His aspiration to help Kadena besides being their instructor is because this is the least he can do, being a crippled veteran in the survivors' camp, and also taking revenge for his friends that died because of the attack. Thankfully, he can resonate with Kadena's power.

With his background, I searched for a famous adventurer's name. I found a lot of names but was leaning toward Vasco da Gama, the first European explorer to reach India by sea, because Vasco is a fitting name for this world.

The instructor's name is now Vasco.

I also have MC's childhood friend. He's the last survivor of the main lineage of the destroyed kingdom's royalties. Despite him, supposedly, being the next on the throne, he only knew about the research for the sentient weapon (that started the whole incident) after the incident happened. Driven by guilt, he asked Kadena so that he can join to help them. With him being part of the royalties, he resonates well with Kadena's power.

For this character, I'm focusing more on his visuals. Looking at the prominent red color on his hair and his eyes, I figured the best name for him is something that means red. Red is also the color for bravery. It also happens to be the color of luxury too. Searching a bit translating from other languages, I found Rojas as a fitting name for this world.

The last royalty and MC's childhood friend's name is now Rojas.

I'll be sure to write for the other NPCs, it's been fun to share what's on my mind. Please, stay tuned!

Thank you for reading, and don't forget to check out the game!

See you on the next blog!


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