Three Mazeketeers needs your help!

Good day, everyone

We've been having our playtest session for a while now. But, I realized that I need more data.
So, I've decided to make the playtest version public, so you can try the game beyond the tutorials without registering!

Solve puzzles by changing between forms and using the right abilities to form your own way of solving!

If you feel like you're done and want to tell us your opinions, you can do so by telling us on the game's page or by filling out this survey.

Good luck and have fun!

Stay tuned.


Three Mazeketeers Playtest Version 139 MB
Mar 18, 2022

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Hi :)

 the upper screenshot is the place i have been stuck before 😓 is it the same now ?

hopefully more people will test :)


It's not easier, but it should've been fixed.

Yes, I hope so too