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Lucerna Tenebris is a fantasy RPG set in a world where Deities and Demon fought, consequently altering numbers of animals into monsters and humans into demi-humans. In response to humanity's treatment to demi-humans, they united themselves to survive against human tyranny, while humans created a guild of adventurers to repel both monsters and demi-humans.

Currently the game is in early prototype, tailored to suit the maximum of 1 hour judging play time for Indie Game Making Contest 2018, mainly showcasing the plot outline and featured battle system.


  • Fight enemies on grid-based Active Time Battle system!
  • The game re-introduces Grandia's ability system - where you learn specific weapon skills through equipping certain type of weapons - as Mastery system.
  • Learn more skills through class system called Forte.
  • Beat monsters by customizing Masteries and Fortes you've gained!


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Lucerna Tenebris V 0.3.1.exe 64 MB

Development log


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Nice-looking game, but I can't run it on my gaming PC with Windows 11.

Hey, all_zebest, mind telling me more about it? Is there an error window or something you can screenshot?

Thank you

Hi, dev. Thanks for your answer. I just have a black window, then le screen becomes black for one second and everything disapears. I've tried compatibility mode and installing on different HD, but nothing worked.

There's no warning or anything then? It's just disappeared?
Ok, thank you for the information. I'll try to look at what might be the problem.

If you'd like to, you can join our Discord and tell me more about it: https://discord.gg/NTCq2fY
Or maybe check out our other games.

good prototype :)


Thank you, Anwynn, for trying the prototype!

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Now we wait...i will play Cursed Mansion for now.

Thank you
Hopefully, you'll enjoy Cursed Mansion as wel

This looks cool! But is it dead?  :(

I guess so


Sorry for the very late reply

We're currently focusing on Cursed Mansion first

But, rest assured, We'll surely continue on this project later

Thank you for your interest, and sorry for the inconvenience