Forte Masters' Design pt.1

Forte is what this world would call class system. For each forte, they have each own master. Master is a honorary title passed down by each generation master. Although the way they gained the title could be different, they are still regarded as the strongest of their forte.

In this devlog, we will introduce The Explorer Master and The Fighter Master.

Sol Kahlua, The Explorer Master

Sol Kahlua Character Sheet

Height 170 cm
Age ??

Sol Kahlua is a friendly elder sister type lady who always help people in needs. No one really know her past and where she came from. When asked, she said she was from the far east without specifying the place. She life freely, nomadic from one place to another, adventuring by herself. She studies corrupted beast morphology and mapping uncharted forest/ancient ruins as a hobby, which the information she gains will be given to the guild and royal academy. More than often, the information she has is a breakthrough, so she's given the title of master explorer,  although she doesn't really mind about it. Rumors said she can defeat a dragon single-handed.

Like: Something fun
Dislike: Bounded by rules

Greska, The Fighter Master

Height 201 cm
Age 58

Greska is a burly middle aged man who has stern, serious look but a gentle guy inside. He's an expert in close combat, mastering both hand to hand combat and melee weapon. Has high proficiency on almost any melee weapon. He was a formidable fighter and a high ranked army general, so mighty that no living person can beat him in a duel, that's the reason why he's given the master fighter title. Although, he always said that there's one single wanderer who's unbelievably strong and could beat him without much effort, no one know the person he's talking about so the others just thought he's being humble. About 15 years ago, his wife and daughter got killed by corrupted beasts when he was on a mission. Driven by guilt that he wasn't there when the incident happened, he quit the army and seclude himself in a mountain (full of corrupted beast) to seek peace and hone his skill. Although, even when in seclusion, he'd sometimes got challenged to a duel or asked to mentor by the people who go to him directly.

Like: Secluding himself and honing his skill
Dislike: Annoying kid


Although they haven't been added to the game yet, they will appear in the finished game, either for the players to learn skills from them or to duel them.

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so this project was not ditched wish you all good things

It was, but not entirely, we were occupied with other game before. Now, we can back to work on this although it won't be as fast as other game.

Thank you!