[CURSED MANSION] Hard to Explore in the Darkness [Development Log 13/06/2021]

Greetings, Kind Spirits!

Here's another matches to lit the candle, to journey on to the next darkness.

Halfway through June already, time flies so fast, huh.

This development log will be a short one. The game is planned to be updated around 1 to 3 days from now, it's currently on internal testing phase, stay tune.

The update will have cut content before the accident in the library, which was quite unstable before update 5.0; New achievement; Playable piano after the piano quest; Minor adjustments; more animations; and lot of bugfixes. We're testing as carefully as possible, we want to deliver our best for you.

Anyway, does the piano need to be more polished and/or immersive? Like, giving it murkier color or not having notes on them? Let us know your suggestion.

Have you checked the comic update? It's up on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, which all could be accessed on links down below. Please check it out!

If you have a friend that you want to convince to play Cursed Mansion, remember that the demo is still there and playable. Bring more sacrifices for the mansion

Thank you for taking your time reading this devlog and staying with us until now. Hopefully, you will still be with us until the end of the journey.

Once again, thank you, and stay tune!


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