[CURSED MANSION] Be Careful, Long Dark Road Ahead [Development Log 30/05/2021]

Greetings, Kind Spirits!

Here's another matches to lit the candle, to journey on to the next darkness.

Another two weeks passed by so fast, or is it just us?

Did you see the super blood moon on last Wednesday? Did you see it directly? Or did you see a livestream of it? It was a full eclipse on around New Zealand and half eclipse on America and Eastern Asia. It's hard to see from our place, so we watched the livestream of it. It looked really cool.

We're making a comic of the girl's adventure, do you know about it? You can follow it through our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, links are down below! Any share will be helpful!

We've read the review, we've watched lot of gameplay, thank you very much for all of your commentaries, suggestions, and advices. We are very grateful. Honestly, they're very important because now we know what's lacking from our game from players' perspective, because the target of our game is, of course, the players.

One of the most needed content was restoratives. We've discussed it and the most suitable restoratives that we could put in the game is, BERRY!

Do you have any more suggestion? We have more that can be put for variety, but berry is definitely confirmed for smash bros. the next update.

Next one is candle that you can bring around. We've discussed about that too and will definitely put the mechanic in the game. But we're still deciding on places that need to be darken so the candle would be necessary to have. Portable candle is not confirmed yet, but stay tune for more info.

We're also polishing our monster, giving them more animation and maybe other things. Here's a sneak peek so far.

Next step, we'll be going back to the start of the mansion. We realized (with the reviews' help too) that each part of the game is still 'empty'. We'll be adding more stories, and more puzzles. We'll also be using mechanics which are only used once, such as picking up mechanic. We're still brainstorming about this, so please stay tune.

Thank you for taking your time to read this devlog and staying with us until now. Hopefully, you will still be with us until the end of the journey.

Once again, thank you, and stay tune!


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