[CURSED MANSION] Development Log 30/04/2021

Greetings, Kind Spirits!

Here's another matches to lit the candle, to journey on to the next darkness.

We're very glad that Cursed Mansion community is growing better than before. We cherish all the reviews, feedbacks, and suggestions sent to us, since those are all signs that lot of people care for our game and want it to grow and improve. Some people even made videos and did streams of them playing our game, which means a lot to us. We also got a great fanart of our girl! The cover art for this news was made by a talented artist named Sihanjir, please check them out on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sihanjir/

(Oh, it could fit as a wallpaper! Would you look at that)

On the recent update, we've delivered 2 endings to the game, so there should be something to achieve and not just a cliffhanger on the end of the game. But of course, there's lot more to come, especially more endings and stories to explore. We have big things to be implemented to the game, and it takes quite some times to polish. Also, if there's any old or new bugs that we missed on a patch, please let us know through Steam discussion or our Discord (we always check both first thing in the morning).

Another thing to address is the energy restoratives system. We've got suggestion to add restoratives to the game. We've also seen players struggle on the last part of the game with a slither of energy. We're now discussing on how to integrate restoratives to the game and the story, since you've probably seen the state of food they serve in the mansion (spoiler alert: it's not great). But, hopefully, it will come sooner or later.

Thank you for taking your time to read this devlog and staying with us until now. Hopefully, you will still be with us until the end of the journey.
Once again, thank you, and stay tune!

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